re-Consider This

The piece stems from a play director Jack Lynch had previously created called ‘Consider This’, which “follows a chance meeting and subsequent dialogue between two strangers, the fabulous and mysterious storyteller, Canta Dora, and the world-weary vagabond, Pews. Interwoven into this dialogue are stories from The Forgiveness Project, a global charity that collects true stories from around the world exploring issues of reconciliation and conflict resolution” – Jack Lynch. After initial discussions we wanted to create a new work based solely on stories from the Forgiveness Project, with an emphasis on exploring movement, space, technology and sound creatively.

In addition to performing, using samples such as pads, drones and bells to create atmosphere, I mainly worked with spoken text. Recording the performers speak chosen lines from stories, I then edited and shaped this material into three collages that were spread across the work, with each collage made up of text resembling one of the ‘stages’ of forgiveness – Anger and Denial, Uncertainty and Questioning, Forgiveness and Reconciliation. As well as creating cohesion between sections on stage, these collages create a shifting narrative sound world which reflects the individuals’ own thoughts and emotions. At the beginning of the work, as the audience enters, the amalgamation of all three collages slowly emerge, forming a dense soundscape which is different for each listener depending on what they focus on – each collage is panned so that moving across the space the listener can hear the vocabulary and therefore the emotion shift such as, for example, “so much hate” changes to “I decided not to hate”. 

Performed in February 2015.

A culmination of a Royal Conservatoire of Scotland ‘Bridge Week’ Project, in collaboration with performers and director Jack Lynch. 

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