Partners in Crime

String Quartet, Pan Flute (iPad – Thumbjam), Tenor Saxophone (iPad – Thumbjam), Drum Set (Ableton Push), Marimba (Ableton Push), Bass – optional ‘Rogue Agent’ part


Partners in Crime aims to encourage and explore interaction and collaboration within a combined ensemble of a string quartet and musicians using technology. Each stringed instrument is paired up with a musician performing on workstation/ipad, with each partner responding and reacting to each other in their duet. Due to the nature of multiple pairings their is interesting sub-interactions and unintended cross-play too. String parts use techniques such as instructions alongside open notation like pitch sets, rhythm suggestions, phrase snippets, trills and fermatas to encourage the performers to interact and play off each other. Technology parts have musical trends to follow such as progressing from single short notes to multiple held pitches creating intriguing, tense swells. The piece begins and ends with a more combined, collective approach with the string quartet having defined bars to perform. Overall the intention is for the musical relationships between performers to be fluid, volatile and creative, developing through rehearsal and performance.

This work was developed for and performed by the NonZeroSum ensemble.