Mixed Veg

Piano (Grade 4-5)


The concept of ‘Mixed Veg’ originates from my desire to not have any food touching when eating as a child, a common behaviour among young people. As I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to enjoy meals with combinations of food, sauces and dishes which are all mixed in. This can be seen in the overall trajectory of the piece, where two unique, detached halves join to make a more cohesive whole as elements from both hands’ original material spread across each. This change begins where the staccatos and triplets appear in the left hand and the slurred crotchets appear in the right hand in contrast to the beginning, building towards both hands using the same articulation and rhythm for the first time. Afterwards the music returns to and expands upon the original musical ideas though now much more connected, confident and fluent between the hands, supported by pedal. On the other hand, at the start of the piece the right hand is tentative, short and snappy whilst the left hand begins determined yet isolated. From an educational perspective, ‘Mixed Veg’ intends to encourage and challenge the independence of hands through coordinating and perfecting the differences in articulation, dynamic and rhythm between the right hand and left hand. Even when the music is more united, the use of tenuto, staccato, slurs and normal notes remains specific and should be carefully considered. Ultimately though, the piece is to be vibrant, lyrical and with an emerging momentum.