Genuine Trope

Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet in Bb, Piano


Musicals provide an experience like no other. An emotional ride shared with all ages, there are tunes to sing along to, villains to hiss and boo and unassuming leads to cheer and watch grow. For this piece I wanted to fully embrace and explore the essence of musicals through typical numbers like a love duet which incorporate tropes such as key changes and jazz hands. These are interspersed with conversation interludes, which form a structure similar to a show, where songs would flow seamlessly into and out of a scene. These sections use suggestions for improvisation alongside a combination of extended techniques for trumpet to encourage moments of dynamic dialogue between performers.

Genuine Trope comes from a real inner appreciation for, enjoyment of and interest in musicals on stage and in film including Wicked, Oliver, Annie, Into the Woods, Tangled, Grease, Beauty and the Beast, West Side Story and Hairspray. The piece intends to capture some of the magic of these productions that is often difficult to define but leaves a lasting impression.

Commissioned by and for Mark James, a friend at home as much on the stage as in the pit.