Gameshow Format

Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Skoog (Timpani and Reedy sounds), Soundbeam/Ipad (Synth Brass/Trombone sounds), Notion (Cor Anglais, Bass Clarinet in Bb and Contrabassoon).

Gameshow Format is inspired by the generation of TV challenge programmes I watched whilst growing up, such as Fort Boyard and Crystal Maze. The choice of instruments, alongside the chordal harmony and repeating rhythms are inspired by this distinct sound world. Structured in small sections, the initial theme gives way to ‘adventure rooms’ based on snippets of the opening material and focused on individual instruments. These are interspersed with a returning ‘base’ theme where all the instruments contemplate. This all culminates in an emphatic finale where the individual ideas from the ‘adventure rooms’ come together.

Exploring sound with Drake Music Scotland has been a fascinating process of creation and learning, with a refreshing and inspiring outlook on music.

May 2015.

Live Recording, performed by Wind Trio and Drake Music Scotland.