Cardboard Creations

Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon.

Cardboard Creations is inspired by my inherent fascination with cardboard boxes, which, particularly as a child, seemed to hold endless possibilities in what they could be made into. It is this idea that I wanted to capture, to create an engaging and visual piece that simulates the imagination. Writing for inclusive audiences, I endeavoured to create a varied, flexible work which could be widely understood, related to and appreciated in some form.

Small movements focus on specific cardboard creations, each with different characteristics related to their concept, such as encouraging dance and movement, challenging listening and expectations or changing the music’s interaction with the audience. The selection and order of these moments are dependant on a number of factors, therefore a performance could begin with the ‘Fast’ Introduction to excite, end more calmly with the ‘Slow’ Finale or purely feature one movement individually.

Cardboard Creations was commissioned by Live Music Now Scotland for Sirocco Winds as part of the 2015 Kimie Composition Prize presented in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and funded by Kimie Trust.

April 2016.

Live Recording, performed by Sirocco Winds.