Youtube Doubler

I recently re-discovered Youtube Doubler and have since been enthralled with starting multiple videos to create never before conceived of musical concoctions.

The careful balancing act of choosing songs which can blend well provides considerable amount of deliberation – too much ‘wacky stuff jumbled together’ and whats the point, not in a similar time/pace and the new creation will slowly start to fall apart – though maybe thats a good thing?

Lots of potential, lots of possibilities!

So after deliberating on a few pieces which might work, the most cohesive I have currently formed is a mix of Bon Iver’s Holocene and Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble’s Parce mihi domine. The former provides a more steady, consistent soundworld through the arpeggiated guitar and familiar structure, whilst the latter interjects this shifting the harmony and mood of Justin Vernon’s original. The interjections come at some interesting times (particularly by shifting the first piece’s starting point a few seconds later) and both piece’s instrumentation combine both seamlessly and more disjointedly (in a good, reactionary way) effectively. Have a listen below:

Holocene/Parce mihi domine


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