Updated Biography

Ive just updated my biography for the new year, check it out below or, if you fancy, all by itself on its own page here

Aran is an English composer from the Lake District. He is currently studying in his fourth year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland under the tutelage of Rory Boyle. Since coming to Glasgow he has worked with a variety of performers and artists including Mieko Kanno, Red Note Ensemble, the ECME and through Leeds Lieder, poet Ian Harker. During 2015, he also collaborated with Toronto-based visual artist Tong Lam on a video piece and created sound with performers and director Jack Lynch in an RCS Bridge Week Project. Performed in May his work ‘Gameshow Format’ was a collaboration with Drake Music Scotland, incorporating different technologies alongside acoustic instruments into a combined ensemble. Continuing on from this, he was involved in a pilot project in Orkney with Inclusive Creativity and was recently awarded the Kimie Composition Prize, through Live Music Now, to create a new work for Sirocco Winds to be performed in inclusive environments. Aran is currently working on a number of projects in 2016, including a new piece for Ensemble Modern, which will be premiered as part of Plug.


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