Super Special Bonus World

Well after a prolonged Christmas break devoid of updates, I post my first post of the new year,

I have been busy composing, finishing a string orchestra piece over the holidays and beginning work on some brass quintets. The latter is to be in a similar vein to my five bagatelles for wind quintet (see ), but more about them another time!

My string orchestra work, entitled Super Special Bonus World, was commisioned by the Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble and has been great fun to write. Recently revisiting super mario brothers gave me a desire to compose old snes soundscapes and mega drive melodies. To do this I created a starting theme, which then changes throughout sort of like it would in different locations through a game, perhaps underwater, in a castle, etc. I also incoporated a few ‘secrets’ typical gaming sounds that ive tried to replicate on strings or structural forms evident in my gaming past.

I am delighted that Super Special Bonus World is going to be performed on the 22nd of February by the ECME at the Reid Hall in Edinburgh, see more details below!


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