New music – Gameshow Format

Gameshow Format is a work written for a Wind Trio in addition to musicians from Drake Music Scotland. The idea for the piece came about as a result of working with the aforementionted organisation in a module at RCS, discussing inclusive practice and creating music as part of a group. This was a refreshing outlook – focusing on enjoyment and experience rather than note accuracy. From this I came up with the concept for the piece, with it being based both structurally and sonically on TV Gameshows (such as Fort Boyard and Crystal Maze). Growing up watching these shows, I have a personal, nostalgic connection to the epic over the top music, cheesy element of mystery and the thrill of the action.

The majority of these shows, including others such as Jungle Run, follow a similar pattern of entrance – adventure room – group moves between locations – adventure room – group moves between locations…. (etc)…. emphatic finale. Following this gave clear sections to the work, alongside a distinct musical aesthetic which was both enjoyable to listen to and effective in creating variation and space. Gameshow Format was performed as part of Plug 2015 and was a great experience to collaborate with Drake Music Scotland. Have a listen below and have a look at the piece’s page to find out more.


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