Mirror’s Edge – Update

So after a stellar showing at E3, Electronic Arts put out an article yesterday focusing on the upcoming game’s soundtrack created by Solar Fields the original ambient/electronic composer of the original title. It’s an interesting feature describing some of the composer’s processes, thoughts and ideas in addition to things like elements/structures that have to be in place to facilitate game progress/development. One way that he is trying to create a sense of fluidity and dynamic change is creating a system of shifting layers, “If you’re currently playing the mission in a certain way, you might only hear the base part, and that needs to sound attractive”. Here, the use of ‘attractive’ is fascinating, an attractive motif or phrase being subjective – although the idea of aesthetic and finish being important in the music moulds well with the consciously unique visuals surrounding the futuristic, technological, clean sheen of Mirror’s Edge’s world. The music is vital to the atmosphere in Mirror’s Edge with the motion of the protagonist sustained, affected or amplified by the soundtrack, “As a runner, we want the music to help you keep moving. After all, your momentum is key to the game”.

Check out a sample below, and read the full article here.


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