E3 Hype – Star Wars Battlefront

The last time Star Wars Battlefront hit our screens (or monitors) was way back in 2005 just after the peak of the ‘New’ film trilogy. A decade later, DICE are beginning EAs new partnership with LucasFilm to bring us the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront [3] as the first video game, or any form of media for that matter, to highlight the new Star Wars reign of Disney.

Whilst not an ‘original’ soundtrack, the musical characteristics are nonetheless interesting in this latest entry. Based on the original trilogy, DICE has access to the treasured vaults at LucasFilm with which to authentically make the armour and vehicles as well as… you guessed it… recreate the sound effects and music from the films. Last year’s original reveal showcased the stunning world that could be possible, with a host of recognisable sounds. These include the iconic blaster’s ‘pew’, speeder’s roaring engines, the movement of an AT-AT and the breathing of Darth Vader.

The latest trailer from E3 2015, demonstrates the full scale of everything with many explosions and sounds occurring at once, with the audio playing a massive part in the atmosphere and style of the game and ultimately how much EA’s new Battlefront feels like Star Wars.


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