E3 Hype – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The original Mirror’s Edge became a cult favourite due to its creative first person parkour, potential movement choice and unique visual style. The soundtrack shares this distinct aesthetic with a clean, futuristic vibe that is distinct and creative amongst a sea of games using epic, orchestral music. The opening theme epitomises this, with a sense of freedom and fluidity in the track that reflects perfectly with the game. Based on this track, the introduction music provides a similar soundworld with a more floating feel, whilst also expressing some of the more electronic influences that can be seen later – the sound design and underlying beat giving a sense of underlying tension.

The rest of the soundtrack follows closely, with many pieces being more Brian Eno than Hans Zimmer. Most also stray into territory discussed above, with the music progressing to techno and dance when the in-game action heightens. This is a refreshing change to increased strings, brass and kettle drums when everything kicks off, and also fits the fresh, futuristic world that DICE created.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst promises to take another look at what made the original special, from first person movement to the unique visual style. Moving into open world gives far more freedom whilst also bringing up a number of sound choices and changes, such as to how and if to make the soundtrack seamless across the city. Flow and vibe are some of the most important aspects of Mirror’s Edge, here’s hoping that DICE can successfully reinvent the original with these in clear focus.



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