Day of Logic

I sat down yesterday to mess around with Logic Pro and my Midi Keyboard properly, as I’ve had my Akai Midi Mini for a few months now but not got round to having a lengthy time of exploration and experimentation with writing a piece on Logic. A few weeks ago I did fiddle around with automation and linking the keyboard inputs with effects and stuff on Logic but never with the aim of creating a piece.

So anyways, all in all I’m really pleased with my handy two octave midi synth, easy to use the software instruments from Logic itself though sometimes I wished I had a few notes on either end of it! Logic is a fantastic tool and im finally getting into the hang of creating, layering, adding effects and automations, balancing and managing the interface and music properly (thats a mouthful).

I’m now going to do some searches to see what other instruments/instrument packages there are out there I can download to add to my collection! In the meantime, check out my piece I made at the end of the day,


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