Composition Catch-Up

After an Independent Learning Week off timetable I feel its about time I gathered some more thoughts together.

Finishing my piece Goshiwon (two weeks ago now) I began writing a piece for Violin and Piano to be performed as part of Plug for Spring, the annual RCS new music festival. My new routine of thought and deliberation instead of instantly scrabbling some notes down onto the page really helped me get to grips with a more thinned back ensemble compared to Goshiwon.

As an aside I could definitely recommend Jonathan Harvey’s Flight Elegy, Xenakis’ Dikthas and Prokofiev’s Violin Sonatas to get inside the soundworld of Piano and Violin.

After a few days pondering I began thinking about one of my favourite times/atmospheres on the way back from a game of badminton at half past 9 – the amber night time glow from the streetlights, peaceful with no-one around but illuminating and casting a faint hue everywhere. I’ve always felt some kind of connection with this, I particularly enjoyed being in the car at night just sweeping around in the spots of glow between darkness. I suppose it goes hand-in-hand with my love of those night-time motion blur pictures – fond memories of sitting outside on a winter’s evening with my dad waiting for a car to come past to capture its headlight decay.

So that was the premise, and over the last week or so I’ve been working on creating that urbany neony ambery night, at the moment working with a few rhythms and a subtle chordal piano part , whilst in some places struggling to combine the violin into the atmosphere and also bring it out into more of a solo and accompaniment and times.


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