Brass Quintets

Just finishing writing music for Brass Quintet I have learnt a lot in writing for brass, writing for a homogenous set of instruments and my own ideas. For the first time in a while I really struggled in what to say after deciding to write ‘absolute’ music in a similar vain to my Bagatelles for Wind Quintet last year, focusing on rhythm, colour and texture. My music started sounded quite similar and I quite often couldnt see wood for trees, initial making use of the heavy, deep brass sound of all the instruments playing at once. However, looking at more variety in terms of texture, style, pitch and instruments really helped in broadening and opening up my writing; allowing me to create a ten minute work which is, I hope, both engaging and challenging. Great quintets from Arnold, Carter, Lutoslawski and Bozza were among the listens along the way…

The work is in four seperate movements/pieces, with links between the first and third, second and fourth. Keep a look out for it arriving on my SoundCloud page in the near future.


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