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Well here goes, a first post signalling the start of a wealth of musical thoughts ideas and ramblings as I go about listening to music, composing and generally wandering… here’s hoping. Without much knowledge or history of blogging I’m giving myself the task of at least once a week writing down my thunks on here, getting used to expressing my ideas and currently in-head discussions. Feel free to join me on this journey of music…

Over the summer I’ve been writing a piece called The Beethoven Frieze, working with a poet to create a new work for cello and voice, both of which are fairly tricky customers for me especially as I haven’t particularly written for either before. However, I believe I have finished my final draft, the cello part being finally playable and the song coming together nicely. I’ve particularly enjoyed weaving some Beethoven Symphony 9 elements into it, focusing on getting across an essence of the Ode to Joy in a different light.




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